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Modular curricula


Welcome in EMCET database
EMCET (ModDB) database is a tool promoting and supporting the development of educational and training offer based on modular approach in Europe and beyond. The structure and current resources of the database were created on the foundations of the results of the Leonardo da Vinci (PL/00/B/F/PP 140179) "EMCET de Bank" project and the experiences of partner institutions from eleven European countries (Poland, Great Britain, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Estonia, Germany, Slovenia, Spain, France, Swiss) participating in the realisation of EMCET2 project.
Each partner country has its own language interface in the database which ensures that different user groups can be provided with information, according to the adopted structure of the database (see Fig. 1)>>. It encompasses seven thematic blocks the three of which (Institutions, Modular curricula, Glossary) have the status of widely accessible information for all Internet users (login it not required). Four further thematic blocks (Products, Standards, Publications, Experts) include information destined for entitled users of the database who have access to the resources by means of login and password obtained from the database administrator. The database contains information on modular training from different trades (computer science, education, mechatronics, etc.) proven and recommended by partner institutions. So, it is at the same time a set of good practices which, due to its European dimension (universal contents interesting for the occupational education and training environment in various countries), may by applied by e.g. institutions providing educational services, designers of training curricula and materials, methodologists, teachers and trainers, as well as by people searching training courses whose quality has been acknowledged on the European market. From this perspective the database is a tool aimed at promoting modular courses and institutions by which they are offered which strive to go beyond the local and national training market.
By the 31st of May 2008 the access to all database blocks does not require the registration - temporary access>>.
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