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  1. Website was a communication platform for methodical support for members of Polish and European network of modular training providers and other customers interested in the topic of modular curricula development for the labour market. The final version of the website had a bilingual interface (Polish and English) with the access to EMCET database, which was divided into a widely accessible part and a part of limited access for the Partnership members and networks as well as for people who asked the Administrator (ITeE) for a password and access to the Extranet resources.

  2. The database, built on the ORACLE platform, was accessible from the website. There were ten information modules distinguished in the database structure.

    • Modular curricula - basic data concerning education and training curricula, mainly in the field of ICT,
    • Training centres - basic data concerning centres, which carry out modular training in Poland and selected EU countries.
    • Glossary of terms - explanations of definitions and notions in the field of modular education and training as well as ICT
    • Professional literature and publications - information on professional publications and literature in the field of modular education and training
    • The Internet resources - information on websites related to EMCET database profile.
    • Educational technologies and examples of good practice - descriptions of the teaching and learning methods and examples of good practices recommended for use in modular training
    • Training needs identification - methods and tools used for training needs identification
    • Design of modular curricula - methodologies of the designing of modular curricula and samples of model curricula
    • Vocational Qualification Standards - descriptions of qualification standards in the field of ICT
    • Accreditation of curricula and training institutions - descriptions of modular curricula and training institution accreditation procedures for the needs of the network.

  3. Publication Training Needs Assessment. Practical Methods and Tools ISBN 92-9049-390-9

  4. Publication Modular Vocational Education and Training for the Labour Market ISBN 83-7204-349-3

  5. Publication European Bank for the Development of Modular Curricula and Educational Technologies - Integration and Co-operation in the Area of Culture and Education ISBN 83-7204-350-7

  6. Modular programme and training materials Needs analysis, designing and evaluation of modular training

  7. A curriculum for specialised classes (mechatronics) in specialised secondary school.

  8. Educational packages for teachers and learners in specialised classes (mechatronics) in specialised secondary school.

  9. Organisational structure Polish Network of Modular Education (PNME)

  10. Organisational structure European Network of Modular Training Providers ENMTP

  11. Example of good practice Promotion of Competence Centre Model

  12. Training Programme for teachers and trainers in the field of ICT

  13. The accreditation model of educational institutions and modular training curricula
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