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Origins of Modular Education Network

The idea of appointing a Modular Education Network (ModENet) was the result of the Leonardo da Vinci No PL/00/B/F/PP/140.179 "THE EUROPEAN BANK FOR MODULAR CURRICULA AND EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGIES DEVELOPMENT - EMCET de Bank" project. It was executed in 2000-2003 in co-operation of 7 institutions: Institute for Terotechnology in Radom - project promoter, FESTO Didactic Poland, Upper Silesian Educational Centre, Technical School Complex in Mikolow Poland, International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization Turin Italy, Cambridge Professional Development Cambridge United Kingdom, Vlaamse Dienst voor Arbeidsbemiddeling en Beroepsopleiding Brussels, Belgium. The above-mentioned institutions were founding members of the network formerly named European Network of Modular Training Providers. Unfortunately, due to organisational and legal issues the network could not sustain after the project ended. The Institute applied for continuation of the project to formally constitute the network.

Modular Education Network (ModENet) is supposed to be a voluntary association of institutions acting for the benefit of promotion and development of the idea of vocational education and training for the needs of European labour market and to disseminate good practices within designing, implementation and evaluation of new program solutions and educational technologies. ModENet will be a common platform for:
  1. the exchange of experience between its members;
  2. methodological background for the development of computer databank;
  3. quality assurance of new products and services for network members and other exterior clients (individuals, trainers, teachers, employers, Local Labour Offices, employers, local governments and other institutions - candidates for the members).
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