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Genesis and background of the project
Aims and tasks of the project
Beneficiary groups
Planned results

Genesis and background of the project

The project, is a successor to the Leonardo-funded "European Bank for the Development of Modular Curricula and Educational Technologies - EMCET de Bank" pilot project (PL/00/B/F/PP/140179) completed successfully in 2003. This initial project created the web site and databank for modular education and training, created several publications concerning these issues and formed the Polish Network of Modular Education. It was achieved by an international partnership of seven institutions: Institute for Sustainable Technologies - National Research Institute in Radom (Poland) - Coordinator, International Training Centre ILO Turin (Italy), Vlaamse Dienst voor Arbeidsbemiddeling en Beroepsopleiding - VDAB Brussels (Belgium), Cambridge Professional Development (United Kingdom) and Technical College in Mikolow (Poland), Upper Silesian Educational Centre in Gliwice (Poland), FESTO DIDACTIC (Poland).
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