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European Bank for the Development of Modular Curricula
and Educational Technologies with ModENet
we cross borders

22nd November 2007
Academy of Special Education
in Warsaw


Plenary session – Part I                                                    9.30–12.00
  1. Welcome to participants
    – prof. Henryk Bednarczyk, ITeE-PIB (PL)
    – representatives of Academy of Special Education

  2. Modular education in the context of the development of qualifications and competencies
    – prof. Stefan M. Kwiatkowski Committee of Pedagogical Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PL)

  3. Modularisation of vocational education in Poland
    – prof. Henryk Bednarczyk ITeE-PIB (PL)

  4. Modular offer of vocational education
    – Representative of the Ministry of National Education (PL)
  1. Polish experiences and results of the realisation Leonardo da Vinci project
    – Representative of the National Agency of LLP-LdV Programme

  2. European Bank for the development of modular curricula and educational technologies EMCET2 - presentation of the project
    – Krzysztof Symela PhD, ITeE-PIB, (PL)
    – prof. John Konrad (UK)

  3. Presentation of ModENet network and tools supporting its functioning
    – Nigel Lloyd, CamProf (UK)
Lunch break                                                                        12.00–13.00

Parallel workshop sessions                                                13.00–15.30
  1. A. EMCET database
        Moderator – Wojciech Oparcik, ITeE-PIB (PL)
    B. ModENet network
        Moderator – Marta Jacyniuk-Loyd CamProf (UK)
    C. Examples of good practice in modular education and training in partner countries
        Moderator – Elmo de Angelis, Training 2000 (IT)

Plenary session – Part II                                                   15.30–16.30
  1. Presentation of workshop sessions' results Reporters of each session

  2. Discussion and official closing of the conference Individual consultation for participants


   Academy of Special Education of Maria Grzegorzewska
   Szczęśliwicka Street 40
   Warsaw Building „C”

  • Plenary session (Parts I and II)

  •    Auditorium „A” (ground floor)

  • Workshop sessions

  •    Workshop 8A – Computingroom No 3330 (III floor)
       Workshop 8B – SenateHall No 3213 (II floor)
       Workshop 8C – Auditorium „A” (groundfloor)


  • Presentation and dissemination of EMCET2 results and products.
  • Promotion of partner institutions taking part in the project.
  • Promotion of ModENet network and the first meeting of potential network members
  • Exchange of experiences of conference participants and representatives of ModENet network
       and Polish Network of Modular Education (PSKM).
  • Establishing new contacts between participants to create new projects.
  • Promotion of other educational projects realised in Poland


  • Representatives:

  • - Ministries and central authorities: Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy,
      National Centre for Supporting Vocational and Continuing Education, National In-service Teacher Training
      Centre, The Central Examination Board and Regional Examination Boards.
    - International institutions (partners of EMCET2 project, CEDEFOP, EFTA, ETF, SUfI, National Agencies of Leonardo da Vinci
      project and others)
    - Local Departments of Education and Labour Agencies,
    - Polish network ReferNet
    - Foundation of Educational System Development and The Task Force for Training and Human Resources Vocational Schools,
      Continuing Education Centres, Practical Education Centres.
    - Training institutions and organisations of vocational education and improvement, among others. Association of Vocational
      Development, Association of Polish Craftsmen, Association of Polish Educators, The Universal Education Society, Voluntary
      Service Corps, Vocational associations.
    - Higher schools for teachers and research institutes.
    - Organisations for teacher improvement.

  • Polish Network of Modular Education and Regional Silesian Network of Modular Education.

  • Hotheads and enthusiasts for modular education.

  • Representatives of media, press and journals.

  • Secretary and organisational issues:

    Małgorzata Sołtysiak
    Tel. (48) (48) 364-42-41ext. 262
    Fax (48) (48) 364-47-65
    e-mail: malgorzata.soltysiak@itee.radom.pl

    Ludmiła Łopacińska (information in English and French)
    Tel. (48) (48) 364-42-41 ext. 239

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