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Name of the institution Training 2000

Name in English Training 2000

Contact details of institution Via Piano S. Michele, 47/A – Mondavio

General information
Since 1991, Training 2000 organizes Vocational training courses in the areas of ICT , Textile, innovative English training, Process Automation ( Cad-Cam ), specific training for : 1) development of social skills and competences, 2) better employment for women re-entering the work force and 3) business start-up. Training 2000 is recognized as “ Certified centre for training” since it operates with Quality and within a network of major actors in the Region and in Europe: Labour Offices, Trade Unions, Associations of Enterprises , Public Institutions (Province of Pesaro and Urbino, Province of Aquila, Regions of Marche, Abruzzo and Sicily), University of Urbino (Department of Economics and Business, Sociology and Communication, Fashion & Design), University of Bremen, University of Utrecht, private and public institutions in the social sector, Associations active in the areas of disadvantaged groups and equal opportunities for women .At the european level Training 2000 is involved within Leonardo da Vinci pilot and reference material programmes, Socrates Grundtvig 1,2 and 3. In the last three years this organization is also concentrating in adult training methodologies which includes training of trainers, e.learning and informal learning in industrial districts of SMEs. (Creation of networks of SMEs). Regular seminars are conducted with umbrella organizations, trade unions and SME management to promote new trend in training and certification of informal competences. In cooperation with Promo Modena the centre is promoting new curricula development and testing for Building Automation trades and energy saving in homes and industrial buildings and hotels.

  1. Publication : Energy Management in the Hotel Business – in cooperation with the University of Bremen, ITB, 2001;
  2. Publication : Growing Trend in the Building Automation Sector in Central Italy: Regions of Marche, Emilia Romagna and San Marino – in cooperation with the University of Bremen, ITB, 2000;3
  3. Publication :The Challenge of e-learning in small enterprises : issues for policy and practice in Europe – Cedefop Panorama series; 82 - ISSSN 1562-6180 – ISBN 92-896-0253-8 ( Year 2003)

Contact person Dr. Eng. Elmo De Angelis
Legal Representative
Tel./Fax: +39-0721-979988 - +39 – 338-5304479
email: training.2000@provincia.ps.it
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