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Name of the institution Centre de Ressources et d'Initiatives pour l'International Centre International d'Etudes Pédagogiques

Name in English The Resource and Initiative Unit for International Co-operation The Center for International Educational programs

Contact details of institution Plaza Santa Cruz 5, bajo
+34 983 184619
+34 983 423633

General information
The CR2i is a specific department of the Ministry of Education in charge of promoting European and international programs and funding with the different players and structures of the education system, both in secondary education and in adult training, and in particular within the GRETA network

Inside the Center for International Educational programs, The CR2i conducts transnational projects which bring together numerous partners : training networks, companies, trade-sector organisations, associations, social partners nad local government structures. These projects enable the pooling experiences, the dissemination of innovative practices and the furthering of exchanges and forms of synergy between teams working to tackle common problem-areas in the fields of education and lifelong learning.

The CR2i makes up the focus on the European or international projects involved by the Greta or the academic delegation for in service training. So it allows to mutualize the knowledge and to favour the meetings between teams working on common problematic. CR2i will take care of: Gathering of the data about educational needs - Definition of the standards for the database - Definition of the criterions for the development of the learning course - Development of the model of learning courses - Planning of models for the certification of competencies - Definition of the standards for e-learning processes - Spotting of sample groups for testing - Validation of the models of certification of competence - Organization of one workshop - Dissemination and diffusion of the project results.

The Resources Department of the CR2i functions as a documentation and information centre, to help with the settings up, the conduct, the assessment and the dissemination of European and international projects involving players and structures connected with the Ministry of Education.
The Resources Department conducts systematic information monitoring activities, constantly collecting, analysing, processing and updating data which is then disseminated mainly in the direction of the GRETA Network, to help the Adult Training Counsellors to take an active part in European Union training policy and programs

Various information aids are produced on regular basis:
  • A bimonthly newsletter "Euro-briefing".
  • The documentary digests "Information-Watch" on each new European program, together with Summaries of essential documents.
  • Topic-files on training in Europe as part of the "CR2i Memo" series.
  • A practical guide entitled "European fundings and Lifelong Training" about European programs and funding, presented in the shape of a binder containing 250 information cards which is also available on CD-ROM and regularly updated on the CR2i website.
  • A glossary on European project management dedicated to education and training.

Contact person Maria-Edwige RUDOWSKI
Tel : + 33 1 45 07 69 28
Mob : + 33 6 80 71 90 63

Tel : + 33 (0)1 45 07 69 51

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