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Name of the institution Center Republike Slovenije za poklicno izobraževanje

Name in English Centre of the Republic of Slovenia for Vocational Education and Training (CPI)

Contact details of institution Ob železnici 16, 1000 Ljubljana
+ 386 1 5864 200
+ 386 1 5422 045

General information
The Centre studies developmental trends in labour markets and prepares profiles of occupations and competence-based vocational standards (occupational standards) which form the basis for the preparation of educational programmes of vocational and technical education and for certification of national vocational qualifications. The Centre develops methodologies and prepares modern module-based educational programmes of short-term, secondary, as well as post-secondary vocational education. Other basic activities include the monitoring and introduction of educational programmes, evaluation of school-leaving exams and the vocational Matura as well as the development of new methodical and didactic concepts of knowledge, learning and teaching.Important tasks of the Centre include the permanent education and training of teachers, professionals and mentors in vocational and technical education and the provision of technical support and guidance to providers of vocational and technical education. The Centre encourages and coordinates different developmental and innovative projects in vocational and technical schools, proposes projects for the equipment of schools, and in cooperation with publishers, develops modern didactic material and learning technology.
National vocational qualification training
  • Producing guidelines and recommendations within development of training for resuscitation
  • Designing standardised teaching programmes suitable for all trainees in Europe
  • Counselling on methodological and didactical issues
  • Adopting results of the project and analysing the possibilities to include them into occupational standards at the end of the project duration
  • Promoting exchanges of experience and good practice
  • Teacher training
  • Training for counselors for young adults
  • Participation in transnational project partners meetings
Regular publications:
  • CPI Guide
  • Catalogue of text books
  • The magazine Spodbude (Incentives)
Occasional publications:
  • CPI Rewiev (10th anniversay of CPI)
  • Glossary for VET
  • Working for myself

Contact person Mojca Polak
Head of international office
Phone: +386 1 5864 259
Fax: +386 1 5422 045
Urška Marentič
Phone: +386 1 5864 249
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