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Name of the institution National Institute of Vocational and Adult Education

Name in English National Institute of Vocational and Adult Education

Contact details of institution NIAE
H-1106 Budapest, 10 Fehér út Hungary
+36 1 433-1757
+36 1 432-0269

General information
The Institute's missions are:
  • to provide professional and methodological improvement of adult education;
  • to identify adult education development tasks;
  • to develop and permanently improve documentation related to adult education;
  • to co-ordinate researches and professional services of adult education on national level;
  • to strengthen relationship among adult education, public education, higher education and public civilization;
  • to co-operate with adult education institutions of member countries of the European Union;
  • to provide secretarial tasks of the Adult Education Accreditation Body;
  • to provide tendering services related to it's activity.
The primary activity of the Institute is to provide, within the field of human resource development, professional assistance for the management of the adult education sector, to encourage and co-ordinate development within adult education outside of the school system, in addition to undertaking research and related service activities.Developments are aimed at supporting the assessment of prior learning and the development of e-learning programmes in addition to increasing awareness of career-orientation, and the selection of career and profession. Research topics approved by the National Adult Education Council in 2003 value 295m Ft., from which NIAE financed some 30 research projects. Research topics cover every aspect of adult education, the main focal points of which include:
  • Research into the effectiveness of instruction, with particular regard to indicators showing finding employment once training has been completed
  • Research into the prognostication of qualifications
  • Research into adult education procedures and methodology, with particular regard to disadvantaged social strata
  • Research into androgogy
The circle of services comprises the recording, storing and processing of adult education-specific data, regular professional information, the primary tools of which are the Institute website, the Institute's publications and specialist library.Similarly important is the actual contribution to handling the tenders assisting the development and support of adult education. The Institute assists the operation of the adult education system by announcing information and tenders. The most important tools within the scope of these "information services" are the Institute's website, the release of the Institute's publications, in addition to the running of the database of adult education institutions. The NIAE ensures the professional and mplementing l conditions for the Board's operation by means of the operation of a separate working group known as the Secretary's Office of the Adult Education Accreditaion Board.From 2005 the Institute leads a consortium for developing and mplementing of modern adult education methodologies and programmes as a component of Human Resource Development Operational Programme. Beside the regularly published professional journal of the Institute, the Adult Education Quarterly, it has a wide range of publications on the field of Adult Education which deal with the following topics, among others:
  • Quality management§ Regulation and financial system
  • Innovative methodologies
  • Information on experts and institutions
A publication series is being under prepared about the results of researches carried out and coordinated by the Institute.

Contact person Györgyi Bajka
International Team Leader
Tel: +36 1 433 1759
E-mail: bajka.gyorgyi@nfi.gov.hu
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