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Contact details of institution HRDC
138, Agiou Andreou str., GR 26 222, Patras
0030 2610 362 058
0030 2610 362 059

General information
HRDC strives to create effective channels of communication between all the actors involved in training and technology transfer. Up to nowadays, HRDC has achieved the following goals:
  1. Development of many cooperation axes between universities and industry.
  2. Facilitation of the integration of the Greek regions into the European Union’s programmes involving all society actors.
  3. Provision of feedback for the educational systems, thereby improving the existing methods and approaches in the fields of training and education as these have been developed at European level. HRDC has the opportunity to improve continuously the current training methods
  4. Contribution to the transfer of knowledge and skills from higher to lower developed regions.
Regional DevelopmentVocational and continuing training activities Information Technology Applications for Education and Training Consultancy on Information Technology IssuesInter-regional cooperation HRDC provides the following services:
  • Publication : Energy Management in the Hotel Busi
  • Access to an international network
  • Help with recruitment of students and graduates
  • Help with recruitment of staff
  • Advice on women in technology issues
  • Short time Seminars
  • Research

Contact person Nicole Georgogianni
Email: ngeorg@hrdc.org.gr
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