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Name of the institution Instytut Technologii Eksploatacji w Radomiu – Państwowy Instytut Badawczy (Ośrodek Kształcenia i Doskonalenia Kadr)

Name in English Institute for Sustainable Technologies – National Research Institute (Staff Education and Development Centre)

Contact details of institution ul.Pulaskiego 6/10 , 26-600 Radom
0048 48 36 442 41
0048 48 36-447-65

General information
The Centre’s mission is developing merit bases for continuing education and development at all the levels of vocational education and thus promoting the idea of lifelong learning on local and national levels by executing a full cycle of basic and applied research and wide implementation of results of all-Polish pedagogical experiments and international projects (Phare, Socrates, Leonardo da Vinci, Jean Monnet, COST), as well as disseminating scientific information, publishing journals and scientific monographic series, and finally organizing national and international scientific conferences.
The Centre executes work on theoretical and methodological bases of building the multi-level continuing vocational education system - mainly concerning adults. Moreover, it takes part in development of a model of a continuing education centre and new educational means. It conducts evaluation and comparative research, carries out research on bases of vocational education theory and methodology, including: work contents analysis, comparative studies of educational systems. It develops theoretical bases of modular education, designs educational standards, vocational qualifications, quality systems, curricula for education, development and training as well as flexible teaching-learning technologies. On the basis of a theoretical analysis of vocational education the Centre carries out work concerning optimisation and modernisation of education, supports scientific-methodical innovations and pedagogical experiments, designs curricular bases and modular curricula. Its employees have elaborated over 200 curricula specifications for basic, secondary, higher and postgraduate schools and for courses. At training sessions, seminars and conferences about 6500 managers, engineers, teachers, workers of education and administration have been trained.
The Centre offers also post diploma studies in the field of information technologies, education management and experimental courses for vocational education teachers, technicians and maintenance engineers. Finally it is the editor of scientific – research magazines in the field of vocational education and machine maintenance (see: publications).The Institute’s Publishing House publishes about one hundred monographs and guidebooks every year, six all-Polish scientific magazines and 2 monographic series in its own Typography. The titles of scientific journals are as follows:
  • “Pedagogika Pracy” (Labour Pedagogy),
  • “Edukacja Ustawiczna Dorosłych” (Continuing Adult Education),
  • “Rocznik Pedagogiczny” (Pedagogical Annual),
  • “Studia Pedagogiczne” (Pedagogical Studies),
  • “Problemy Eksploatacji” (Maintenance Problems),
  • “Zagadnienia Eksploatacji Maszyn” (Problems of Machine Maintenance).

Contact person 1. Krzysztof Symela
tel. (+48) 48 36 442 41 w. 262, fax (+48) 48 36 447 65
2. Anna Sacio-Szymańska
tel. +48 48 364 42 41 ext.239
e-mail: anna.sacio@itee.radom.pl
skype: ania_itee
3. Ludmiła Łopacińska
tel. +48 48 364 42 41 ext.239
e-mail: ludmila.lopacinska@itee.radom.pl
skype: ludmila_lopacinska

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