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Polish Network of Modular Education (PNME) is a voluntary association of institutions, promoting and developing modular approach to vocational education on the national and European labour market. PNME assures a methodological and advisory support as well as information, and provides services in the field of designing implementation and quality assessment of new programme and organisational solutions in modular education in school and out-of-school system of vocational education.

Programme Council PNME

I The idea of appointing a Polish nation-wide network of institutions specialising in modular education and training was conceived under the project titled "Employment Promotion and Employment Service Development" - component: "TOR #9 - Adult training", carried out between 1993 and 1997 by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and financed with a World Bank loan. The idea came into being in 2001, initialled by Didactic Staff Education and Development Centre of the Institute for Teratechnology in Radom, supported by the following projects:

  • Committee for Scientific Research No 1 H01F 012 19 "Theoretical and methodical principles for choice and realisation of modularised occupational educational contents",
  • Leonardo da Vinci No PL/00/B/F/PP/140179 "The European Bank for Modular Curricula and Educational Technologies Development - EMCET de Bank".

In the group, which initiated the appointment of the network, which took up the name "Polish Network of Modular Education" (abbreviation PNME), took part institutions which for many years had been developing scientific and methodical principles of modular system education and which evidenced their experience in design and implementation of modular (relating to school and courses) curricula.

The Programme Council was appointed from among the founding members. The Council was entrusted programme, organisation and co-ordination functions leading to a formal establishment of the network, in accordance with the approved Agreement Charter, which specified the rules governing the PNME activity.

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